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Selling and buying real estate is behind the core of my services. From helping our owners sell their houses to helping investors purchase and sell multiple homes and take advantage of the 1031 tax laws to helping our past tenants buy their first investment property. Selling and Buying homes is what I do!!!

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What does it take to find a great home?

Let's start with the basics and make a quick DREAM list. Where do you want to live? What is the price range you think you can afford? How many bedrooms and full bathrooms? Do you want a basement, a garage, a back yard and a fence around the back yard, a deck? What type of kitchen do you want? Do you want a home that you can fix up to your tastes or a home that is relatively "move in' ready and perfect as it is? Ultimately, all of these basics wants will affect the pricing of the dream home, so after you make the list of everything you want, go back through and use "need" instead. So, now you should have two lists and call the second list, the NEED list. Put the NEED list away and let's start with the DREAM list.

What should I really do first?

Well, contact me, of course! Then, you need to find a mortgage agent or broker. When purchasing a home, you will be working with contracts or offers to purchase a specific home. Having a letter from the mortgage company that already says that you are qualified to be submitted with the offer is priceless. One of the seller's fears is that they take the home off of the market to only find out that the buyer isn't qualified and they've lost those weeks of marketing to somebody who does qualify. By having the approval letter, it eliminates that fear. The tough thing is to actually get an approval letter as opposed to a pre-approval letter. But, with some mortgage companies, they have certain pre-approval letters that are close enough to an approval letter, that's what you want!

The other important issue about working with a mortgage agent or broker is that they will be able to guide you on what you can afford as well as programs to help you with the down payment and closing costs. Some of these programs require classes, so by getting started now, will behoove you greatly when you want to move on that perfect home!

Now what?

Once you've made arrangements with the mortgage agent or broker and you've discussed what you can afford, you have cleared the path to finding that dream home. Searching for houses priced way above what you can afford is wasting time. So, now that you have an idea of what you can afford, call me!

We'll discuss that DREAM and NEED list and start looking at homes. Now, with today's technology, most people get excited about searching for homes and, at times, try to find that one home that the Realtor hasn't found. When I am searching, I am limited by the search field criteria that you stated to me. So, the less criteria typically provides more options. Also, some web sites are not update for 72 hours and old ACTIVE listings could be UNDER CONTRACT. I recommend using for searching because it provides the most accurate information and photos of the house than any other service. Why? Because is the same database the Realtors are entering the listing info into. The listings that I will be sending to you are comimg from this database!

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