0 (Zero) Evictions in over 18 years?

Yes, zero evictions in over 18 years with tenants that we’ve recommended to be placed into our client’s homes.  And, on top of that, that is carrying an average inventory of over 400 properties a year. That is a great track record worth bragging about!

As a homeowner or an investor, this is what Property Management is really about, protecting your investment!   A PM’s first task is to review the multiple applications and recommend the “perfect” tenant based on a variety of measures, like credit score, debt/equity, rental history, salary, and so forth.  But what Patriot Properties brings to the table is an application review team that is unmatched in the Northern Virginia Area.

The head of the application review team has over 30 years of Real Estate Brokerage, over 60 years of experience for the whole office.  Combine that with the manager’s degree in criminology and you have an instant “CSI-like” team reviewing the applications and weeding out the bad ones!

An eviction can cost an owner about 6 months of rent. From time the tenant stops paying the rent, notice to pay or quit to going through teviction noticehe court system.  Not including possible damage to the home, cleaning and removing left over furniture and personal items and other property issues.  This process can be very expensive!  Hence the reason Patriot Properties, Inc. takes screening the tenants so seriously.

If you want the security of knowing that the tenant living in your investment or home, has been well screened, give us a call.  In the words of our property manager, “there are two types of renters, the bad ones and the ones we recommend.”  Who is living in your rental?


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