Paper Guy


How To Make a Paper Guy!

Editors note:  The project was an explanatory project in which the participants had to explain how to make something. Besides the written portion, the student also had to give a presentation and demonstrate what they had made.  The following is her written assignment with photos from her presentation.

Here are the steps of making a paper guy.  First, get a piece ofpaper.  Hold the top of it and fold it in half, length wise, then do it again loosely.  The paper should look like a loosely folder bookmark.

Then, crumble the top of the folded paper into a ball, forming the head. Don’t squeeze to hard or you will get a small head. And, don’t crumble to much or you won’t be able to finish the paper guy.

Next, pinch both sides of the paper, slightly below the arms.  This is the most difficult step. To create longer arms, pinch lower and push up.

Lastly, take most of te full bottom of the paper and pinch both sides. Then, twist the middle and you’ve completed your paper guy.


Note: You may want to use a marker to draw a face.  Also, use tape to hold the head and body in place.  If you want a paper gal, skip the last part and you should end up with long dress instead of legs.


Here are some photos of others playing with their paper guy.  It’s a lot of fun as you can see!

Paper Guy playing soccer in local tournament

Paper Guy intercepting football from Dion Sanders


Paper Guy chasing jogger around Wash. Monument

Paper Guy playing TAG with Pres. Obama & family dog



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