Asburn Park – “Dino Park!”

Ashburn Park - Dino ParkWelcome to Ashburn Park – The Dinosaur Park!

Ashburn Park, also known as Dino Park is great for ages 2 – 12. It has four different play areas, each with dinosaur themes with a variety of things to do.

Playground One ( Ages 2 – 5 ) ORANGE      Playground 1

This play area has 8 slides and a really fun see-saw.  Also has a play drum and bells to hit and make beautiful music.  This is the longest of the all the play areas and has a crawl tube underneath everything. I like the swirly slide on this play area!


Playground Two ( Ages 2 – 5 ) PURPLE

This play area has a lily pad balance beam and a  moving path that you are suppose to be able to walk across.  It also has three fun slides and two crawl through tubes. Great area to play tag on because of different entry areas to escape. Also good for hide-n-seek!

Playground Three ( Ages 2 – 5 ) YELLOW

Small play area with 2 slides.  Also has a climb-up hill on both sides and is slightly away from the other play areas.  This is a great play area to play “follow the leader”. The two sided wall at the top is fun to hide in, too!

Playground Four ( Ages 6 – 12 ) RED

This play area was my favorite.  It has monkey bars and a rock climbing wall. It also has a cool sideways ladder, tube slide and a search game.  Also has fun climb across ladders to get from one place to another.

Other Stuff!

This park has some asphalt paths leading somewhere for another blog, a swing set and a great gazebo for a family picnic or for parents to hang out and watch.

My Thoughts!

I most enjoyed the monkey bars because I’ve never been able to do them. On my first visit, I was able to do them and it was darn painful, but a lot of fun.  I give this park a high 8 of 10 rating.

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