The Amazing Journey of a Butterfly

I think that the world is seen as black and white there’s no real in-between, especially when in middle school people have their clicks and that’s about it. I tend to think of these people as puzzle pieces. They all fit together and everyone has one. But really I think I was so close minded until I realized I didn’t fit in. I’m a Girl if you haven’t caught on yet. But I don’t fit in the girl group. I do fit in with the guys but not 100%. I don’t really fit in with the outcast so yeah I was left questioning where the hell should I be. Believe me, i’m still figuring it out but this is what I got so far. I think I’m a bit of a random at least that’s what I thought. I call the randoms ( most of my friend group because we have so many different types of friends ) I call the randoms a fruit bowl. Their all different but they still fit together. But I started to see a pattern. It was crazy I fit but I didn’t fit in if that makes any sense. I started to think I was really that asshole that put a potato in the fruit bowl. And then I realized… I WAS THAT ASSHOLE! Well, I’m not an asshole but you get the point. To put it simply I’m kinda weird. But I’m really starting to love that about me. I think its the real me and my real personality. Someone said that they got bullied for being weird. I told them that they should tell them, “that at least I have personalty and at least I’m  not dull like you” I continued to tell her that being weird is just another way of saying creatively extraordinary.  I know that while I was telling her this and that I meant it. I didn’t even know that in a way I was talking to myself.


To be continued………..

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Dinner at Mimi’s Cafe

Mimi’s Cafe – 21015 Dulles Town Center –

My dad and I went to Mimi’s Cafe at the Dulles Town Center in Sterling.  The first thing I noticed when we got there was that it looked fancy.  I also noticed they had great music playing in the background. And, when we sat down, the cushions were bouncy.

When I first looked through the menu, I wasn’t impressed. But then I found two items I liked!  Grilled cheese sandwich and chicken fingers.  I chose the chicken fingers and got excited for dinner.

Wendy, our nice server, brought out the meals and I did not like the crust on the chicken fingers.  Mike, the manager, asked us how our meal was.  I said, “I did not like the chicken!”  Mike then offered mini cheeseburgers and I agreed.  That made me very happy!

The cheeseburgers were terrific!  Also, the french fries were great, too.  Then, I ended my meal with  a delicious hot fudge sundae.

I felt like Mimi’s Cafe was a great family  restaurant. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Mimi’s a 10 for it’s awesome customer service, delicious food (except the chicken fingers!) and fancy atmosphere!

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Asburn Park – “Dino Park!”

Ashburn Park - Dino ParkWelcome to Ashburn Park – The Dinosaur Park!

Ashburn Park, also known as Dino Park is great for ages 2 – 12. It has four different play areas, each with dinosaur themes with a variety of things to do.

Playground One ( Ages 2 – 5 ) ORANGE      Playground 1

This play area has 8 slides and a really fun see-saw.  Also has a play drum and bells to hit and make beautiful music.  This is the longest of the all the play areas and has a crawl tube underneath everything. I like the swirly slide on this play area!


Playground Two ( Ages 2 – 5 ) PURPLE

This play area has a lily pad balance beam and a  moving path that you are suppose to be able to walk across.  It also has three fun slides and two crawl through tubes. Great area to play tag on because of different entry areas to escape. Also good for hide-n-seek!

Playground Three ( Ages 2 – 5 ) YELLOW

Small play area with 2 slides.  Also has a climb-up hill on both sides and is slightly away from the other play areas.  This is a great play area to play “follow the leader”. The two sided wall at the top is fun to hide in, too!

Playground Four ( Ages 6 – 12 ) RED

This play area was my favorite.  It has monkey bars and a rock climbing wall. It also has a cool sideways ladder, tube slide and a search game.  Also has fun climb across ladders to get from one place to another.

Other Stuff!

This park has some asphalt paths leading somewhere for another blog, a swing set and a great gazebo for a family picnic or for parents to hang out and watch.

My Thoughts!

I most enjoyed the monkey bars because I’ve never been able to do them. On my first visit, I was able to do them and it was darn painful, but a lot of fun.  I give this park a high 8 of 10 rating.

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