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Curtiss grew up in Northern Virginia, graduated from Reston's High School, South Lakes and continued his undergraduate program at George Mason University. After graduating with a business degree, he invested in Real Estate in Loudoun County and completed his GMU's Master Program with a focus in Marketing and Graphical Communications.

Curtiss became a father in 2004 and enjoys participating in the his daughter's school activities, after school activities in music and martial arts and all of the great outdoor activities throughout Loudoun and Fairfax Counties.

Curtiss has been helping his clients since 2004. His training and expertise is working with Small to Medium size businesses. Currently working independently, Curtiss' expertise, honesty and professional, but fun and comedi, qualifications and background are here to make your capital work for you.

Northern Virginia is an expanding market and Curtiss' expertise is concentrated in the Dulles Corridor or Western Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun Counties. Working with his clients in Reston, Herndon, Ashburn, Leesburg and Sterling has given Curtiss a keen insight on their local needs.

Curtiss offers excellent customer service and goes above and beyond.

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Wuhan Lee visits NY & Mayor


The Wuhan Lee Story!

Young Wuhan Lee was born in Wuhan City, China during a very hot summer's day. Young Wuhan was named after the city's founder, General Wuhan, whose claim to fame was utliizing virus warfare against the region's invaders. His tactical inventions became so popular, a research lab was built within a private University to disguise it's true purpose from the outside world.

Young Wuhan's mother worked in the local wet market where the lab animals were sometimes smuggled out and resold to the public. Young Wuhan enjoyed playing with the variety of creatures before they were butchered and sold to his village friend's parents. Young Wuhan became very skilled at catching live rodents to feed his captive supplies as well as raising a wide variety of sellable creatures. His mother took advantage of young Wuhan's skills to open her own stall and was one of the local's favorite shoppes.

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